Portafix Services

Let us manage your stock!

We can install a tailored system to suit your production requirements.

Our unique stock management system which includes scanning, reporting and resupply direct to the distribution point, reduces administration costs and eliminates goods received inspection, handling and storage.

The Stock Managed System guarantees that deliveries are made at the right time in the required quantity to an assured quality standard. We also now provide a dedicated account manager with each account.

Portafix SMS

Benefits of our Stock Management System

Kitting & Assembly

Portafix supply kitted parts to its customers to increase productivity and to save time and money. Working to client needs, Portafix can provide kitting specific to requirement, including stage-specific, pre-bagged or boxed kits. We tailor our supply service to the specific requirements of individual customers.

Kits pre-prepared for specific build stages...

Production efficiency can be improved by having the exact parts ready for any given build stage by eliminating part and quantity picking errors as well as simplifying your inventory.

Kitting Benefits are:

Reduced storage requirement
Simplified product assembly
Further reduces handling costs
Customer specific labelling and design

Kit parts can be delivered to each build stage either on demand or to a manufacturers build programme

Sub Assemblies

We can supply a range of sub-assemblies which result in lower manufacturing costs and improved production time.

Portafix can manage the assembly of its own parts, as well as sub-components directly produced by our customers or direct from manufacturers.

With the ability to tailor our supply service to the specific requirements of individual customers and manufacturers, we extend the provision of complex kit sets or components and sub-assembly services.

Opening an Account

For non-account customers, we have a minimum order value of £50.00 +VAT. Portafix welcome new customers to come on board and are open to starting new business accounts to offer future trade.

If you would prefer to open an account with us, then please feel free to contact the sales team and we’d be happy to assist with the conversion.

Alternatively, please feel free to use our quick and easy ‘Application for Credit Facility’ form which is accessible for you complete and send back to us!

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