Welcome to the Aerospace Division

Aerospace is a new area of business for Portafix that has high levels of working conditions and quality systems to follow.

Quality has always been paramount to our business, but this new venture has afforded us the opportunity to purchase additional equipment. it also ensures vigorous quality checks to guarantee the highest level of customer satisfaction and to provide the best outcome of quality and performance to our products for the job at hand. We have made big changes to our company’s work environment and ethics to reach the highest form of sanitation and by doing so, has allowed our company to gain a respected  AS:9120 and ISO:9001 

Our Aerospace division has its very own room dedicated to quality checks and product security and by doing so it prevents any foreign objects from contaminating the product. This also guarantees’ product safety, as it is in a secure area.

We aim to be the best with customer satisfaction and with our Quality Management System (QMS) we can achieve just that. If you have any enquires with our Aerospace Division please contact us.