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The Portafix SMS, Stock Managed System, previously termed JIT (Just in Time), or DLF (Direct Line Feed).

We can install a tailored system to suit your production requirements. We offer a unique stock management system which includes scanning, reporting and resupply direct to the distribution point, thus reducing administration costs and eliminating goods received inspection, handling and storage. It guarantees that deliveries are made at the right time in the required quantity to an assured quality standard. We also now provide a dedicated account manager with each account.

Stock Managed System, SMS
Stock Managed System, SMS
Portafix kitting and assembly

Kitting & Assembly

We tailor our supply service to the specific requirements of individual customers.
Kitting Benefits are:

Portafix sub assemblies

Sub Assemblies

We can supply a range of sub-assemblies which result in lower manufacturing costs and improved production time.

Portafix can manage the assembly of its own parts, as well as sub-components directly produced by our customers or direct from manufacturers.

With the ability to tailor our supply service to the specific requirements of individual customers and manufacturers, we extend the provision of complex kit sets or components and sub-assembly services.

Bespoke and Bar Turned Products

Bespoke & Bar Turned Products

Portafix can produce parts to drawings in a wide range of materials, subject to your requirements. Please contact Rob for further details.